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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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"news4 at 11" begins with breaking news. >> good evening. that breaking news tonight in maryland. police on the scene of a stabbing near a shopping center in takoma park. >> it's just a couple of blocks away from the site of a double shooting just about 24 hours
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ago. shomari stone is live near the corner of university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. takoma park police cleared the scene i would say approximately five minutes ago. our cameras were rolling when they arrested a man, possibly in connection with this stabbing case that happened behind me right over here behind this strip mall right now. let's show you some video. police arrested this man, put him in handcuffs in this strip mall. we're on the 1100 block of university boulevard east. and police say someone stabbed a man outside near the capital one bank roughly around an hour and a half ago. we do not know what led up to the stabbing, if it was an argument or a domestic situation. detectives have not released the victim's name or his medical condition. many business owners out here tell me they are sick and tired of the violence. come back out here live. just last night there is a shooting in which a man was shot and another man was grazed. completely unrelated to what happened here with the stabbing
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tonight. but you talk to people in this community, and they say that this violence needs to come to an end. but they do applaud police for quickly responding to these scenes. in all fairness, the man who you saw in the handcuffs possibly related to the stabbing case. we do not know if he has been officially charged. we will bring you the details as they become available on our nbc washington app. that's the very latest on a friday night in takoma park, maryland, i'm shomari stone, news4. turning to our weather now, another cool night out there. but now storms are headed our way. and they could force us to change some of our weekend plans. doug, what it is looking like? >> well, it's looking cool right there. take a look at the numbers. the numbers don't lie. it is a very nice night across our area. high temperatures 87. we're back down into the 60s. 61 frederick. 64 leesburg. 64 fredericksburg and 66 huntingtown. you mentioned the rain there. is nothing out there right now. we are dry. we are clear. it is a very nice night across
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our region as we look towards the radar. nothing here, but watch what happens when we zoom out here. look at the showers and the storms. as close as parts of north carolina. they will move in, and they could move in quickly tomorrow. if you have weekend plans, you don't want to miss my forecast. i'm going to take you hour-by-hour coming up at 11:17. >> thank you, doug. we're working to find out more about the man with the knife who was shot and killed inside union station. police tell us he stabbed a woman and then threatened the security guard. we're told the original fight with the woman began at a nearby building. a security guard from the s.e.c. wound up shooting the man after chasing him into the area near the mcdonald's inside union station that woman is expected to be okay. on our nbc washington app, we'll let you know when train service along the northeast corridor returns to normal. amtrak is still dealing with delays after a train hit and killed a person just outside of baltimore. amtrak halted all rail service
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between baltimore and wilmington for more than an hour this afternoon. the train that hit the pedestrian was on the way from d.c. to new york with nearly 400 people on board. the race for the white house is hitting the airwaves tonight. donald trump will appear on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon in just about a half hour. during the interview, jimmy asks trump if he has ever an apologized in his life. >> i fully think apologizing is a great thing, but you have to be wrong. for the first two weeks, did i take heat. but ultimately, it turned out that i was right. but i will absolutely apologize some time in the hopefully distant future if i'm ever wrong. >> you can check out that full interview right after this broadcast. and watch trump go head to head with jimmy donald trump asking about a possible vice president. former texas governor rick perry is now the first major party candidate to end his
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presidential bid. perry told a crowd at a family values event in st. louis tonight that he has no regrets. his decision comes just a day after learning that he would again be offstage during next week's second primetime presidential debate. >> i step aside knowing our party is in good hands, as long as we listen to the grassroots. listen to that cause of conservatism. >> both donald trump and jeb bush tweeted well wishes to perry. with his exit, there are still 16 republican candidates in the race. a new york police officer is in the hospital tonight after his motorcycle crashed while escorting vice president joe biden's motorcade today. that officer could be seen lying facedown here with other officers assisting him. police say he is in stable condition right now. the secret service is looking into the accident. here at the live desk, we're watching another wildfire surge out of control in california.
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and now a town of 2,000 to 3,000 people have been told get ready to evacuate. the butte fire grew to more than 50,000 acres today, and it's moving closer to the town of san andre andreas. at first they ordered mandatory evacuation and backed off that and told residents to be prepared to go at any moment. the wildfire destroyed at least six homes in northern california. firefighters say steep hills are causing it to spread quickly from one area to another. right now they've got 20 aircraft flying around the clock. and with temperatures in the low 90s, the governor has declared a state of emergency. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> thank you, chris. another day with more questions than answers in that arizona freeway shooting investigation that has gripped the phoenix area in fear for nearly two weeks now. today's major developments happening in the grocery store parking lot. that's where police detained two people today. and tonight their person of interest has been arrested, but on unrelated charges. >> to remain alert and know that
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this is our top priority as a state government and as the department of public safety. >> today's school districts rerouted buses around i-10. police believe there could be more than one shooter. they confirmed nearly a dozen shootings, but say there could have been more. >> shots fired. tonight we're getting a clearer future of the picture of interstate 66. the bottom line, be ready to pay to ride. our news partners at wtop radio are reporting that starting in 2017, the ten-mile stretch inside the beltway will have tolls. the price would change depending on the traffic. it could cost you as much as $7 in the morning and $9 on your way home. so you could face a $16 commute. v dot tells wtop vehicles with two or more riders will not have to pay. fairfax county lawmakers will discuss this plan with v dot later this month. major track work in effect on metro again tonight and all through the weekend. all six lines are affected this
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time. trains on the red, orange, silver, blue and yellow lines now running every 24 minutes. the greenbelt station on the green line is closed. shuttle buss will take riders from greenbelt to college park until monday morning. adams morgan day back on. the annual festival will happen this sunday after sponsors announced earlier this year it had to be canceled because of financial issues. this year's celebration will have a slightly different feel, though. more of the music and art displays will be indoors. and 18th street will remain open to traffic the entire time. adams morgan day runs from noon to 6:00 on sunday. some important news for your health tonight. the doctors describe as a potential game changer in the way they treat high blood pressure. up until now the target for anyone 50 and older was a systolic blood pressure level of 140 or lower. that's the top number in the bp. now researchers are saying getting that number below 120
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could cut the risk of death by 25%. >> this is huge. 25% less death. and a third, 33% less heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure, that's huge. you don't get that lower in cholesterol. >> in the study from nih, some people needed multiple prescriptions to get their blood pressures down that low there is a lot of information from this study. and it can be confusing. i posted the story on my facebook page so you can learn more about it. we're about to enter a brand-new era in auto safety. automatic brakes will soon be an industry standard. ten major carmakers, including toyota, gm, volkswagen all agreed today to making automatic brakes a common feature in all of their cars. right now it's available in some higher priced models. experts tell us it could prevent 80% of rear end collisions and significantly reduce traffic injuries and fatalities. new tonight, a big ovation
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for james blake at the u.s. open. his reaction to nypd's apology after an officer took him down. the firefighters from around the country are here for their annual softball tournament. it's to raise money for a good cause. but many of these guys responded to the world trade center just 14 years ago. also tonight, who knew it was gator season right here in montgomery county. we have the 911 call from one very surprised homeowner. first here is jimmy fallon. thanks, guys. tonight we have thank you notes, terrance howard,
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tonight the death toll is now at 107 after a crane collapsed at one of the most holy sites in the world, the grand mosque in mecca. a powerful storm caused the construction crane to smash through the ceiling just before evening prayer. saudi arabia's civil defense authority tweeted that 238 people were injured. mecca is just days away from the hajj pilgrimage, one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. last year two million people attended. tennis star james blake received a warm reception at the u.s. open tonight. new video released today shows the moment when an undercover police officer mistakenly tackled and handcuffed blake. blake responded to the apologies from the new york mayor and police commissioner. he says it's not enough, and he
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vowed to turn this unfortunate incident into a catalyst for change. the arresting officer, james frascatore has had two previous excessive force lawsuits filed against him. he is now on desk duty. the fairfax school system apologizing to a straight a senior for deleting his information. one parent excused her son, a senior at centreville high school from the first day of classes. he had a schedule college visit. when he returned to centreville the second day, he wasn't in the county's new student information system. and his class schedule was gone. >> being told that he might wait a week before he is in the system, that is a disadvantage. had we known, we probably would have adjusted plans. but this took us by surprise. >> it might take a week for her son's info to get back into the system. the school district says by regulation, students who miss the first day of class are marked as no-shows.
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it says it's working with the vendor now to make future improvements in the new computer system. shining light in lower manhattan tonight. memorializing the lives lost 14 years ago today. the annual tribute in lights in the footprint of the world trade center towers. tonight members of the fdny, including some who responded after the 9/11 attacks were in prince george's county. not to be recognized for their bravery, but assing meagan fitzgerald says, to see friends and raise money. >> those who died in the line of duty were honored in the opening ceremony. >> to all those who place themselves in harm's way. >> all those heros were remembered. >> we get the line up together. >> their fellow firefighters. >> come on, let's go, chris. >> reporter: got ready to play ball. >> why am i here? for the cause. that's the only reason why i'm
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here. softball is secondary. >> reporter: a cause that raises money for kids with muscular dystrophy. always helping others, even today. >> well, it was one of our darkest days. >> reporter: robert, along with many other new york firefighters were there 14 years ago. >> we were part of the search-and-rescue efforts that night. >> reporter: but even though many of these firefighters lost so much that day. >> focus! >> reporter: they still come here every year. >> play the game. but the whole thing is it's all about coming here and raising money for the kids. >> reporter: because that's what firefighters do. they're constantly helping others, many complete strangers. >> that's what we signed up for. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, meagan fits gerald, news4. a man who lost his brother wants to make sure no one forgets. jim helped get the pentagon
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memorial built as a way to help honor his brother. now he is working on plans on a visitor's education center to go along with it. it will cost at least $60 million to design and build the center. then another $15 million for future long-term maintenance. we put a link on our nbc washington app with information on how you can contribute. he tells us they could break ground as early 2017. doug is back with more about our weather. we're trying to make strategic plans for the weekend. we've got to plan around some rain, though. >> yeah. if you think about mowing the lawn, it's sunday that you want to do that. if your kids have games tomorrow, try to move them to sunday if you can do that. and make the kids mow the lawn. >> and make the kids mow the lawn. put it all together. that's how things work these days. yeah, it does look like we're going see rain tomorrow. if you do have any games, or the kids have games tomorrow, they could be rained out. let's take a look and show you what is happening across our region. a very nice night after what was a beautiful day.
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temperatures have cooled nicely down to 72 degrees. winds are now calm. temperatures around most of the region are in the low to mid-60s. so it is really another cool one. and it will be quite cool when you wake up in the morning. storm team radar is all clear right now. but you really do not have to go too far to the west to see where the showers are right now. back into portions of as close as western portions of west virginia, kentucky, ohio, and even some storms down to the south that are moving up along the front. so some of the latest computer models now bringing this in a little earlier. here is 8:00 a.m. this is our latest computer model. our in-house model, our storm team future weather talking about showers, maybe as early as 8:00. they could even be back down towards culpeper towards 7:00, 8:00. 11:00, maybe a little bit of a break as the rain moves in. and then we start to see some heavier storms move through. look at the line of storms developing around 1:00, 2:00. how about 3:00 right on top of d.c. if you've got a game around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, i
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think that's going to be the problem area during the day. and we said earlier this afternoon, it could be between noon and 4:00, the biggest problems during the afternoon. by 5:00, this is all out of here. and we may see an isolated shower or two after that. it's really the noon to 4:00 period that we could see very heavy rainfall. behind this, well we get a lot cooler. but first, what about the severe risk. are these going to be really strong? no, i don't think so. high winds, heavy rain. but nothing on the high side for sure. i'm really not expecting much in the way of severe weather. high temperatures 80 degrees ahead of the storms. 73, though, back towards winchester. only 68 in petersburg. temperatures will fall quickly once the rain starts. so these numbers will be going down by the end of the day tomorrow. expect much cooler conditions on sunday. high temperature of 76. temperatures on monday around 78. that's a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. but look at monday morning. monday morning is going to be a cool morning. 57 in the city. 51 in martinsburg. 49 in hagerstown. 54 in leesburg.
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the kid will need the jackets as they head out to school on monday morning. same deal on tuesday. this is the nice fall weather we like. cool nights and very warm days. that's exactly what we're going to see all week long. look at all of that sunshine too. i don't mean to speak for everybody when i say this is the kind of fall weather we like, cool nights and very warm days. not everybody enjoys it. >> who doesn't like that? >> there is a guy mid name kid. find it. a crazy game in charm city tonight. khris davis and an angry bird against the royals. dave is up next. st
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> dave started us off saying 7 1/2. you have better news for us. we're eight games. >> wait. i keep -- >> 8 1/2. >> 8 1/2. >> i keep getting the patriots radio broadcast somehow in my ear. the folks in audio, i'm just stalling basically right now. it's friday. but it probably feels like a month of mondays for the nationals. a three-game series with the mets left the nats seeing red and feeling blue. but we know there is no crying in baseball. only games to play. season might feel like it's over. but the schedule has the nationals in miami tonight to start a three-game series. about 67 fans. one of our staff meetings there at marlins park in miami. miami native gio gonzalez, all his family and friends on the mound. bottom of the fourth, a man on. gets him swinging to end the i think. only gave up one run allowed.
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four strikeouts in 5 1/3. that's great. top 7, two on, two out for bryce harper. bryce goes down swinging. he struck out three times and stranded four runners. and not just bryce harperling. the last chance for the nats with a man on. nats lose their fourth straight, 2-1 the final. all right. brace yourselves for this one. one of the wildest games we've seen. orioles hosted royals. bottom of the 8th, bases loaded. swinging for the fences. the foul pole, whatever you want to indicate, it goes off the top of it. grand slam. the orioles take an 8-6 lead. now later in the inning, franklin morales facing khris davis. morales, that's not a strike. crush is not happy about it. crushes the bass. he is also upset about serena losing he gets tossed. the picture should have gotten tossed. but the birds have the bucks'
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back. bases loaded. >> another one? >> another one. two grand slams in the eighth inning. the eighth time this has ever happened in the same inning. the orioles won a wild one, 14-8. at the u.s. open, serena williams confident in her quest for the grand slam. but unseed roberto vinci unbelievable. watch these players all over the place. vinci, it's finally able to put it away. and then you have to check out her reaction. yeah, she is feeling it. firing up the crowd. she would break serena in that game. match point, vinci, the 43rd ranked player in the world on the verge of a stung upset. she is able to finish it off with a drop shot. ending serena's chance with a grand slam and snapping her 33-match win streak in majors. all right. high school football battling seneca valley battling northwest. just a couple of miles from each other. darius golston. 32 yards for the score and a 14-0 seneca lead.
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end of the quarter, quarterback they call markey mark. some good vibrations here. valley still leads, 14-7. that was a good hit. late in the third, pierce's pass batted down by seneca valle. head coach fred kim part of the celebration whether he likes it or not. >> we told them, hey, you got to weather the storm. if they're going to make plays, they're a good football team. >> way to go! >> that's really 1990s by the way. >> smack! [ laughter ] >> he is asking for something different. >> but you pay the price for victory. here are the patriots. >> see what happens when a radio guy gets here? >> good
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all right. there was supposed to be a 911 call there from a homeowner in montgomery county who found an alligator in his koi pond this morning. after three hours of draining the pond, officers were able to catch a three-foot gator. it is now hang iing hanging outt catoctin wildlife preserve. check this thing out. >> they're hard to find in this
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neck of the woods. >> what a transition. work in ♪
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- donald trump, terrence howard,


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